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Dive into water safety!

Customized Swim Lessons

Swim classes in Murfreesboro, TN. Choose the best lesson type for you, your child, and your family!

Group Sessions

Learn to swim with others. Three group class types are available for all ages and levels!

Private Lessons

One-on-one lessons with your instructor. You customize the schedule. Perfect for toddlers and adults.

Family smiling while swimming for private family lessons.

Family Private

One-of-a-kind offer! Busy family? Family or siblings learn together in this customized lesson.


Hear what others have to say about Swim With Coach Dana!

Olivia absolutely loved swim lessons with Coach Dana. She made sure Olivia learned swim safety and was calm and happy during lessons! She was able to go at the pace that made my daughter feel comfortable and we can't wait to return!!


We love Coach Dana! She taught my 5 girls, all different ages and skill levels, with a professionalism and great skill. She had a very structured class time that included improving/learning skills and strokes. At the same time she really assessed the kids and knew when a game was needed that used skills they already knew but also provided them with a break. I have had my kids in many group classes through community centers and private clubs and my children learned a small fraction in comparison to what they learned while taking lessons from Dana. One thing we loved about Coach Dana was her ability to break down a stroke and really teach every element of it so they could be strong and efficient in each piece of the stroke. My kids were able to become strong swimmers that were comfortable and confident in the water. I highly recommend her for your family and loved ones.


Chloe has loved swim lessons this week. Her school teacher says she knows all about [Coach Dana] now. Chloe has been talking [her] up!!


We have been in swim lessons with Coach Dana for the past 2 summers, and my boys adore her! They are so bummed on days that we don’t have lessons scheduled. Every summer their progress is huge, and the understanding of safety around water that she teaches is great! She is fun, but stern. She encourages them to push themselves, while building confidence. She is great with all ages. My oldest started working with Coach Dana when he was 4 and in 2 summers worth of lessons he was able to independently swim the full pool alone. I highly highly recommend having your child take classes with Coach Dana, my kids can’t wait to see her again soon!


Coach Dana is the best of the best!! Her ability to inspire confidence and motivate a toddler to swim is incredible. She has so much patience and puts the child at ease in an enthusiastic way. I've also been very pleased with the impeccable cleanliness and upkeep of the pool area. Last but not least, her professionalism and punctuality is very much appreciated. It's hard to find people like her these days! I have told everyone I know - GO SWIM WITH COACH DANA!! You won't regret it!


Thank you so much for giving these boys confidence in the water and teaching them how to stay safe but also have fun. I'm extremely pleased at how far they have come since the very first lesson. We were able to have a lot more fun when we visited a pool this summer. Again, Thank you! These lessons were just what they needed and they loved spending time with you at your pool.


Everything Water

Water is essential for our health, well-being, and fun! Coach Dana shares her experience and thoughts on all things water: safety, wellness, and more!

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