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Group Sessions



(1)  Swim School at Patterson Mondays and Wednesdays at 5 or 5:30. Max ratio 6:1



(2)  Learn in a group setting at Coach Dana’s pool! We offer eight 30-minute group lessons for $150. Choose class based on skills level. Class size is 3 to 6 students. (see below)


1. Parent & Pal

Adult with child under 3 years old

You’ll learn how to safely handle and play with your child to introduce them to basic water skills and wall safety in a fun social setting.


Session structure varies from a two-week cycle every Monday thru Thursday or for a month every Tuesday and Thursday.


Only at Coach Dana’s Pool. 


Student advances when they’re 3 years old.

2. New to Water

3 years old+


Great for those kiddos that are timid or fearful of water.  Introduction to safety around water, jumping in, breath control, and going underwater.


 Session structure is either a four-week cycle every Tuesday & Thursday in the late afternoon or a two week cycle every Monday thru Thursday in the morning.


Only at Coach Dana’s Pool.


Student advances when they can jump in,  reach for the wall with limited assistance and the fear factor has turned to fun factor.

3. Beginner

3 years old+


Building on basic skills like wall safety, floating, kicking, breath control, rhythm, and arm strokes. 


Session structure varies from the morning for two weeks very Monday thru Thursday or evenings every Tuesday and Thursday for the month. 


Only at Coach Dana’s Pool


Student advances when they can hold a back float, do a front float,  jump in, get to the wall, and climb out without assistance.

4. Floater

Must be able to Float Solo



If you can float, you can swim! This class puts it all together: starting with the elementary backstroke and moving through to the beginnings of the free style. 



Session structure varies from a two-week every Monday thru Thursday in mornings or for a month every Tuesday and Thursday in the late afternoon.


Only at Coach Dana’s Pool


Student advances when they can swim the length of the pool and go down the slide by themselves.

5. Swimmer

For Those Who Want Stroke Work


Main focus is to get the side breath rhythm for freestyle. Along with dives, flips, and all 7 strokes. Builds stamina, strength, confidence, and skills.


Session structure varies from two weeks for 4 days or all month for 2 days a week.   


Student graduates with a Water Safe Certificate when they can jump in at deep end, tread water for 60 seconds, swim 100 yards without touching the wall or bottom then float for a minute, with clothes on. Ultimate goal for all!

Coach Dana's
Swim School

3 to Adult, placed in group based on skill level

People of all ages can learn to swim. Learning to swim requires you to learn water safety.

City of Murfreesboro and Swim with Coach Dana are teaming up to provide water safety & skills education to our community through Coach Dana’s Swim School at Patterson Park Community Center’s pool. Move from no knowledge to swimmer with 3 strokes. Four “classrooms” open during swim school, each teaching a different skill level. Perfect for families with kids who are at different skill levels and want to be taught at the same time!


  • We offer four 30-minute group lessons per month.
  • Cost: $100 per session (four lessons) per student.
  • Sessions are per month so a new session starts every month.
  • Classes are Mondays and/or Wednesdays at 5, 5:30 or 6pm.
  • Offered all year long at Patterson indoor pool.

Lessons at Coach Dana's

Lessons at Patterson Park Community Center

Private Lessons

  • Learn one-on-one with your instructor! 
  • Classes are 30 minutes long.  
  • Locations: Patterson pool all year long. Coach Dana’s pool during summer.  
  • You customize the schedule and we customize the lessons for you.  
  • Choose which location and times work best for you and how many you’d like.
  • Available for any age (even under 3 years old or adults).
  • Quick progress from non-swimmer to swimmer.
  • Cost: $50 per lesson (minimum three lessons to start).

Lessons at Coach Dana's

Lessons at Patterson Park Community Center

Family Private Lessons

  • Unique to “Swim with Coach Dana” and created with a busy family life in mind. 
  • Simplify your life. All siblings learn together. So fun.
  • Instructor will customize your lesson time to the skill level of each child. 
  • Offered at both locations-Patterson and Coach Dana’s.
  • Lessons are 30-minute or enroll back to back for an hour lesson. You customize the schedule.
  • Available for any age (but parents might need to help with toddlers).
  • Includes direct family members, siblings, within the same household.
  • Cost: $60 per lesson (minimum three lessons to start).
Family smiling while swimming for private family lessons.

Lessons at Coach Dana's

Lessons at Patterson Park Community Center

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